Daniel Fast Day 21
January 23rd, 2022
So here we are, the final day of our 21-day Daniel Fast Devotional! I pray that it has been meaningful and insightful. Thank you for being a part of what the Lord desires to do in and through The Rock...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 20
January 22nd, 2022
In the culture we are surrounded by, contentment almost seems like a curse word. As a matter of fact, very few people seem to be content. We are all bombarded with a culture of continuous dissatisfact...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 19
January 21st, 2022
How can we fix our thinking? First, we must challenge our thinking. Ask the question: “Why am I thinking this way?” Secondly, we must change our thinking. Ask: “What am I allowing in my thought lif...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 18
January 20th, 2022
Where do you think people who are serving the Lord are going to go when they die? I did not say where you wish for them to go... They are obviously going to go to heaven and so are you. Don’t you thin...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 17
January 19th, 2022
If people pray like you pray, study God’s Word like you do, relate to others like you do, serve like you serve, care for others like you care for others, connect with fellow believers like you do, do ...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 16
January 18th, 2022
The past is a weight that hinders us from running with endurance. The further you want to travel, the lighter you need to be. The Bible, in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 12, talks about laying aside the...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 15
January 17th, 2022
Are you willing to make Jesus your passion, your pursuit, your life? That means coming to the place where Christ alone is enough... where He is everything, even more than life itself. Are you willing...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 14
January 16th, 2022
If we can only remember that it is not about us, life will become so much less complicated. We complicate life when we put our trust in our own human effort instead of what Jesus has done for us. No m...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 13
January 15th, 2022
Here’s to the nobodies. Everybody wants to be somebody, but there are more nobodies who are somebodies in God’s kingdom. One of those is a guy by the name of Epaphroditus. We know about him because Pa...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 12
January 14th, 2022
How reliable are you? Will the Lord be able to give you greater responsibility because you were faithful over a few things or have you neglected your responsibility? Are you full of the Holy Spirit? I...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 11
January 13th, 2022
What enables us to give up something to gain something else is because we see something better. Why are we giving up certain foods and dedicating ourselves to fast and pray during this Daniel fast? F...  Read More
Daniel Fast Day 10
January 12th, 2022
Why is our growth so important? Because it displays to people that there is a God who loves them and that there is a better way to live. Instead of crooked and perverse, we can live wholesome and pu...  Read More