day 40: tag you're it

day 39: Death got arrested

day 38: Do you love me more?

day 37: Fish language

day 36: hope for a cynical heart

day 35: you had me at hello

day 34: weary travelers

day 33: faith in unlikely places

day 32: what's in a name?

day 31: when angels grin

day 30: finding nothing

day 29: the final stone

day 28: a dream in a tomb

day 27: risky business

day 26: can you see?

day 25: access granted

day 24: it is finished

day 23: are you willing?

day 22: Who turned off the light?

day 21: what about mom?

day 20: today you will be with me

day 19: Today you will be with me

day 18: The thread of love

day 17: Just look

day 16: The witness

day 15: cross examination

day 14: epic fail

day 13: the lamb

day 12: the power

day 11: the battle of the will

day 10: the Battle rages

day 9: are you ready for the test?

day 8: You can do nothing

day 7: it's an abiding thing

day 6: it's not my job 

day 5: god of the basin

day 4: resistance is futile

day 3: what am i producing? - part 2

day 2: what am i producing? - part 1

day 1 : i can believe