DAY 49: fight on wise

DAY 48: wise as serpents, harmless as doves

DAY 47: I feel so vulnerable

DAY 46: winning the war within

DAY 45: why the hate

DAY 44: comforting the persecuted

DAY 43: a city on a hill

DAY 42: will you sing in the choir

DAY 41: getting your hands dirty

DAY 40: whose image do you bear

DAY 39: first things first

DAY 38: Maturity: the path to peace

DAY 37: peace breakers and peace fakers

DAY 36: ambassadors of peace

DAY 35: are we there yet

DAY 34: lead or follow

DAY 33: Time for examination

DAY 32: This way something wicked comes

DAY 31: Do as they say, not as they do

DAY 30: take off the mask

DAY 29: the real you

DAY 28: do your job

DAY 27: Mercy forgives

DAY 26: Mercy shows wisdom

DAY 25: talk is cheap, mercy acts

DAY 24: Mercy makes room for miracles

DAY 23: My enemy is my opportunity

DAY 22: Mercy givers

DAY 21: I can't get no satisfaction

DAY 20: spiritual superfood

DAY 19: Law abiding citizens

DAY 18: no righteousness, no entry

DAY 17: Drink up

DAY 16: Junk food or soul food?

DAY 15: dig deep

DAY 14: put on your sunday best

DAY 13: the greatest example of meekness

DAY 12: Oh lord it's hard to be humble

DAY 11: why all the fighting?

DAY 10: Opposites Attack Part 2

DAY 9: Opposites Attack Part 1

DAY 8: the weapon of meekness

DAY 7: Mourning to dancing

DAY 6: give me the change

DAY 5: It's a good pain

DAY 4: good grief

DAY 3: we need him

DAY 2: we are all broke!